Raised within a musical family, Los Angeles native, 

J. Harley (Jimmy) Gilmore was exposed to a wide variety of music from day one.

"My father was a classical pianist, mom's an accomplished songwriter and my brother plays guitar and drums. At home we listened to everything from

Abba to Zappa--if it was good, it was on."

Jimmy discovered the drums at age five, eventually 

playing his first professional gig at age thirteen.

He's a graduate of the Grove School of Music 

Percussive Arts Program and privately he's studied

with Vera Daehlin, Keith Wald, Steve Smith,

Tony Williams and Freddie Gruber. He's also the

developer and webmaster for freddiegruber.com.

 In 1988, Gilmore was a first-hire for legendary drum handler Harry McCarthy, of "Drum Paradise" in North Hollywood, CA which is currently headquartered in Nashville, TN. There he learned the technical side of drum set-up, mic placement and electronic percussion. Clients included: Jeff Porcaro, Tris Imboden, Luis Conte, Harvey Mason, Jerry Morotta, Steve Gadd, Simon Phillips and Ringo Starr. 


Shortly thereafter, he landed various gigs eventually taking him to London and Wales where he recorded with BMG recording artists "Monro" in 1989/90.


Returning to Los Angeles, Gilmore played with a wide variety of musical artists including: Blu Cantrell, Mozella, Tyler Hilton, Erik Palladino, The Black Summer Crush, (currently Rival Sons) Thomas Flowers, (Oleander) Michael Des Barres, Gods of the Radio, Cordell Crocket, (Ugly Kid Joe) The New Breed Orchestra, Waylon Krieger, Chet Thompson and Mandy Lion, (WWIII) Patrick Muldoon, Robert Sarzo, Lisa Hawkins, Kingdom Come, Ashes II Ashes, Ronnie Jones, (Black Bambi) Ralph Saenz, (Metal Skool, Atomic Punks, Long Gone) Andy West, (Dixie Dregs) John Goodsall, (Brand X) James Finley and Rick Springfield.


Gilmore has worked with a variety of notable music Producers including: Eric Valentine, Andy Johns, David Foster, Shawn K. Clement, Rich Mouser and Joe Floyd.


In 1990, Gilmore worked as an assistant drum tech advisor to Kevin Dillion in Oliver Stone's "The Doors".


In 1994, Gilmore's focus shifted slightly into film and television, first as a Segment Producer/Production Coordinator for the Grab Productions reality series, "Behind Bars", starring Paul Sorvino. He also worked for HBO and Showtime for various original TV dramas. Between 1995 and 1998, Gilmore worked as an in-house Production Manager for DnA Broadcast Design in Glendale, CA. producing corporate videos, video bumpers, and various media projects. Clients included: NBC, ABC, KCOP TV-13, AT&T, Comedy Central, MTV, KTTV-11 and KTLA-9 television. In 1998, he worked as a second AD for the first season of "VIP" starring Pamela Anderson.


From 2001-2002 Gilmore became an artist representative at Motion Artists, Inc. in Los Angeles, handling over thirty Production Designers, Storyboard Artists, and Art Directors for film and television.


In early 2004 he co-wrote "The Players Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Dating For Women" published by One Hour Entertainment. Later that year he wrote the screenplay, "Nationwide" for a project at LIONSGATE Films which was never produced.


In 2007, Gilmore founded the motion media company

Subframe Los Angeles, producing music videos, custom websites, actor/vendor showcase reels, and live event productions.


Clients/Projects Include:

Freddie Gruber Estate 

Olivia Fox 

Scott Carneghi 

The Young Royals 

Joey Heredia 

FM Station Live After X 

The Alley Studios North Hollywood, CA. 

Paul Zies 

Foxbait Clothing


Mannix Kustoms

Very Important Pets

The Mavericks 

Andrew Leahey 

Fourteen Inch Fringe--Nashville, TN.

Mono Mundo Recordings--Nashville, TN.

Rolling Stone Magazine